Hello! My name is stefan.
This is my pet navy seal, Steel.

Steel: The picture

I first met Steel walking along the coastline on a freezing cold September morning. I was completely absorbed by my own thoughts when he appeared in front of me on the cliffs. I carefully reached for my camera while Steel was lying dead still staring at me.
The Silence became a secret understanding about the roles we would play and the purpose of our meeting. On some kind of higher level Steel knew what I wanted. Slowly, carefully he raised his large powerful, but still gracious body. As I lifted my camera I remember thinking what a natural he was and what an amazing control he had over his body. I adjusted the focus, and gently pressed my shutter.

Steel snorted loudly, almost amused

The Secret Companionship

Since our meeting on the cliffs, Steel and I are pretty much inseparable, At least in our way of thinking. We are soul mates in so many ways. Our love for nature is a given, we both love herring (although I prefer it pickled or fried). Even in an expressional and artistic way we are a lot alike. We each have a great deal of passion and are both in search of the pure and untouched.
Authenticity even in an organized way is something honorable. As you might have suspected Steel has come to play an important part in my work, His interest, support and engagement simply make me take better pictures. A lot of people – especially while traveling abroad – ask us what exactly he is doing in the company. Our answer is always the same:

“Our lips are sealed”

Find out how Stefan and Steel became good friends.
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